We understand that no two customers are alike and so provide a cleanroom of air-conditioning specific to our customers’requirements. After careful and considered consultation, we design and create a custom-built system; catering for hospitals with the safety of patients a key priority. Airborne infection control is of major concern for locations such as in a laboratory or pharmaceutical factory. An area of primary focus is the hospital operating room where airborne infection control is of critical importance.


Customer always comes first, we strive to exceed customer expectations evaluating and analysing all data with the latest tools and technologies, and with the highest standard of ethical behavior in all areas. We have regular staff training to maintain an outstanding level of service. Evaluation of the design and build also covers cleanrooms and manufacturing - industrial cleanrooms for which airborne infection control is critical. We consider every detail and follow customer requirements from start to finish no matter how big or small the job may be.


Invention to create the best environment

We focus on innovative ideas. When considering how to create, manufacture and install good indoor air quality systems for any situation, we always perform an in-depth review of our client’s needs. A healthcare facility such as a hospital, clinic, sterile room or operating theatre requires all the design elements to be carefully considered, in order to provide the best outcome for both our client and their patients. We must create the absolute perfect environment for both.

Windchill have a wide product range to suit all customers’ needs, with a variety of advantageous design features to ensure maximum efficient and safety in the workplace:

The Double Skinned Casing Air Handling Unit.

  • To fulfil indoor air quality requirements
  • Design and manufacture according to ASHRAE 170 - Ventilation of Healthcare Facilities Standard for Operating Rooms

The Lamina air flow diffuser

  • Double skined construction
  • Self-balance laminar air flow with Integrated background lighting

Hospital Operating Theatre / Wall and Ceiling System

  • Certified hygienic and patient safe according to ISO 13485 Medical Devices Management Standard
  • Certified hygienic and patient safe according to ISO 13485 Medical Devices Management Standard
  • Wide variety of wall materials - ,SFRP (Seamless Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic) , HPL ( High Pressure Laminate), Sheet Metal (GS or SS with paint enamel)

AFTER-SALES SERVICE : Support when you need it

After each installation, we provide detailed and meticulous after sales service to ensure that the system can be used continuosly for a long time.